Young Living Blends Breakdown- Stress Away Essential Oil

Today I am going to be the voice of Stress Away! It is one of my favorite essential oil blends by Young Living. I am going to break down all of the important information YOU need to know about this oil. Here we go!


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Young Living Essential Oil Series (Part 1 – Blends)

As most of you know I am a Young Living distributor. I have been using the oils throughout my daily routines. I remember when I first started using essential oils; I was clueless. Wait you put this where? I can do what with it? It does all of that? It helps with that too? It was made from what?

I had so many questions…I am hoping that by hosting this series of posts I will inform newbies and skeptics as well as answer questions you may be wondering about. I am also learning a lot myself!

For part one I will be highlighting my three favorite blends: Stress Away, Citrus Fresh and PanAway

Part two will be for my favorite essential oil singles.

My dear friend, up line and (potential), future sister in law Jenna told me when I first got started with Young Living, “The oils don’t have voices–we are the voices…the oils sell themselves but when we share we give the oils a voice”

I am hoping to be the voice of Stress Away, Citrus Fresh and PanAway during this series.


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Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Mr. Seth ❤ knows how to take a hint for sure! For our one year anniversary he surprised me with the money to pay for my premium starter kit from Young Living. I had been wanting to become a distributor for a while and my baby loves to see me happy….so he got me what I wanted! I couldn’t wait to get started.


I was so excited when I finally got my premium starter kit in the mail. I ripped the box open and all kinds of goodies fell into my lap!

What does the premium starter kit contain?

1 Everyday Oils Kit: Panaway, Peppermint, Melalueca Alternifolia, Stress Away, Joy, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Thieves, Purification

1 Home Diffuser

1 Basic Starter Kit: Kit Box & Insert, Welcome to Young Living Booklet, Essential Oils at a Glance User’s Guide, Member Resource Guide, S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success Booklet, Citrus Fresh 5ml, AromaGlide Roller Fitment, 2 Lavender Sample Packets, 2 Peppermint Sample Packets, 2 Peace & Calming Sample Packets, 2 Lemon Sample Packets, 2 Thieves Sample Packets, 3 Sample Business Card, 2 NingXia Red 2oz, Member Agreement


WOAH- that is ALOT of stuff! All of that for only $150? Yup!

Now you may be asking….What do you do with all of that stuff?



The first thing I did when I looked over all of my goodies was plug in the coolest diffuser I have ever seen. I filled up the diffuser to the water line and added a couple drops of Peace & Calming. My living room IMMEDIATELY started smelling like a spa. I was relaxing while I went through the rest of the box. I added two drops of Lemon to my glass of ice water…YUM-O. I read through all of my booklets and guides. I Put the two packets of NingXia Red in the fridge to enjoy at a later time. I attached my AromaGlide Roller Fitment to the bottle of Stress Away. Easy Peasy!

And now I am enjoying alternating the oils as a perfume each day, sampling the Citrus Fresh in my glass of water, reading up on all of my guides and sharing the wonder that Young Living has brought to my life!

If you are interested in being apart of the World Leader in Essential Oils you can become a member today! Young Living offers more than just the essential oils; they have a skin care line, nutritional supplements and many more items to check out.

Click here if you would like to experience the excitement that I felt when I opened my premium starter kit!!!


There are so many different ways to use the starter kit! MAKE IT YOUR OWN





What is going on at KCCCB headquarters (AKA Sara’s brain)


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope yall had a very happy thanksgiving. Christmas is right around the corner…woohooooooo!

Thanksgiving kept me busy and now I am already swamped with Christmas preparations. I love making gift baskets and I would like to post pictures and explanations of them when I finish but I would not want to ruin any surprises for my family so I will be posting those after Christmas.

I have just opened my Etsy store, you can check it out anytime. I will have a variety of products to purchase. (Jewelry, bath salts, soaps, hand made home décor, affirmation journals…etc.) The name of my store is Proverbs31Products. It is based on the passage in the book of Proverbs that is referring to how to be a Godly wife….while I am not a wife I do strive to be more like the Proverbs 31 woman every day. There is a verse that says “She works joyfully with her hands” (Proverbs 31:13b) And as a crafter it is always a joy to be working with my hands, especially when I am making something that could make a positive influence in someone else’s life!



My YouTube Chanel

I have tested out a few different types of videos…still have a few in the works. I want to know what my viewers want to see more of. So if you are a youtube fan, please let me know what you would like to see on my channel. I will continue to do the monthly Love with Food videos. I am still playing with my editing software, there are a few tricks I am trying to master!




I recently became a Young Living Oil distributer. I use the oils in almost all of my beauty products so I will be posting my recipes here on my blog. You can purchase the essential oils that I used for each recipe. I will post a purchase link in each blog post. I also use young living oils in my day to day routines. I burn them in my clay burner and in my young living diffuser. I love to smell them all the time! They are also great as a medicine cabinet replacement. I am working on a psoriasis remedy/recipe now.  Stay tuned!



In other news…my personal life is always busy. I still work full time at the law firm and every now and then at The Little Gym. Seth and I stay busy with our families and babysitting our dear friends, the Davis’s. I am hoping to make some more virtual friends here on WordPress and Youtube as well as growing my store….My dear Grandmother always told me “Now Sara, don’t forget you are God’s princess and He has something big planned for you!”


I hope yall enjoyed this little update. Have a blessed day and don’t forget to MAKE IT YOUR OWN


My Favorite Oils for Beauty

Most of you know I have my own natural beauty regimen. By natural I mean no harsh chemicals or unknown ingredients. I love making my own products because I get a feeling of accomplishment and I feel confident about the products I am putting on and IN my skin and hair. There are so many variations to homemade beauty products. I will tell you about some of my favorite ingredients that I use so you guys can experiment at home!

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