The BEST/EASIEST chicken parmesan ever!!

This is my go to recipe for an quick, tasty dinner. I was asked to cater a dinner party for 20 people a while ago…being a first time for me I remember thinking “Snap…what can I make 20 of that is easy and something everyone will eat”

I searched and searched. I googled: easy recipes, family style dinners, simple catering….I finally came to the conclusion to make an easy assembly line style chicken parmesan. With the help of Mr. Seth we completed 22 chicken parmesans (2 extra plates for the chefs of course)


Don’t forget to make this recipe your own! There are plenty of different ways to make this dish, do whatever is easiest/best for you!

Ingredients (enter your own measurements/depends on your style of cooking and amount being cooked) x chicken breasts (I usually buy frozen), 1 cup(ish)flour, 1-4 eggs, parmesan/mozzarella cheese – LOTS!, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, tomato sauce (enough to cover chicken)

So I set the kitchen up as an assembly line, sort of like stations. Stations consisted of: 1) Pounding the chicken out/make it flat so it cooks evenly and faster 2) Coat the chicken in eggs – also know as bathing the mother in her unborn 🙂 3) Coat the chicken in a mixture of flour -I use whole wheat- parmesan cheese and Italian herbs -basil, oregano, parsley- whatever you have on hand. 4) bake chicken in oven 350 (15is minutes/until chicken is done)  5) top with sauce -canned or homemade- I usually by a can of plain tomato sauce, throw a couple herbs and some garlic in it, heat it up on the stove 6) once chicken is cooked top with some more cheese and cook until cheese is bubbly


I like to serve mine with mashed potatoes…see how make them here


2 thoughts on “The BEST/EASIEST chicken parmesan ever!!

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