Detox Baths…ahhhhhh

Long day? Feeling sluggish? Been eating/drinking bad lately? Feeling stinky/out of balance/like your PH is out of whack? See what Lisa has to say about PH balance**. What about the “toxins” you’ve been putting in your body? Did you know that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Check out what Lorraine has to say about that. Well if any of these questions are applicable to you may want to look into:

detoxbathingHow to have a detox bath: there is no right or wrong way…like I always say: MAKE IT YOUR OWN

But this is how I do a detox bath (which I do about once a week) I would not recommend doing one more than once a week as it can throw your PH balance off. Refer back to what Lisa said…

You have options…These are the things I like to interchangeably add to my bath: Apple Cider Vinegar(1/2 a cup) Epsom salt (1/2 a cup), Baking soda (1/2 a cup), Tea bags (green and black tea are good for your skin circulation) (the scent of chamomile tea is relaxing) (ginger tea is detoxing and good for circulation), grated or powdered ginger (ginger is VERY detoxing…so be careful as too much may have a negative effect) one time I used too much and woke up with shakes the next day as my body began to release all the toxins a little too quickly. Coconut oil-makes your skin baby soft! Essential oils: Peppermint, grapefruit, rosemary-also proven to reduce cellulite, lemon, patchouli-also proven to increase sex drive, lavender- relaxing

Now remember not to use all of these ingredients at the same time. My favorite go-to recipe is: apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, couple drops of rosemary oil and a bag or two of green tea

another simple detox bath is created by adding a capful of hydrogen peroxide to the water to improve oxygen production

However you decide to create your bath…please remember to relax, drink a lot of water before and after, get out/up slowly, rinse off in the shower afterwards to wash off all the toxins you have released and enjoy it!

**Lisa Robbins is a holistic nutritionist and teacher for exceptional people who want to know how to cleanse, heal and eat for optimal healing! Lisa is the author of The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself and Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories and Founder at


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