Dinner Party Breakdown: MENUS

As yall have seen from my post on chicken parmesan you know that I have done a little bit of catering before. I also really love hosting dinner parties!! One of the components of planning a dinner party is planning ahead, deciding what to cook, preparing the grocery list and a special touch I like to add to each dinner party: a themed menu for the night.

risotto, chicken parmesan, spinach

Pictured: Chicken Parmigiana, Garlic Risotto, sautéed spinach

Here are a few examples of menus I have done in the past:

anniversary menu simple and sweet for just the two of us!

italian menu for the really fancy dinner

martins menu this was the menu I made for the dinner we catered

I like to cut them and back them on cardstock, then laminate them so my guests get the feeling of being in a real restaurant.

Steps to create the perfect dinner party menu:

  1. decide what you are cooking
  2. decide how you want to serve everything (in what order)
  3. type it up
  4. split the page into columns so they have that menu style
  5. fancify it: take advantage of fonts, use color, pictures, backing paper, laminate paper
  6. place menus at sitting area/on top of charger plates or in front of the place setting
  7. sit back and watch the surprise look your guests get when they see you went all out

*TIP: use your thesaurus, don’t say something simple like mac n cheese (unless that is the fun style you are going for) say Pasta with creamy cheddar sauce, use your adjectives. Notice on the Italian menu I used Italian words which created more of a sophisticate-I-feel-like-I’m-actually-in-Italy vibe.



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