Easy, Peasy, Cheesy “Smashed” Potatoes

These are the side dish I serve with the BEST/EASIEST chicken parmesan. If you are not making this “family style” and you want the dish to look more sophisticated I would suggest serving the potatoes underneath the chicken and refer to them as a “bed of potatoes”. Now the reason I am saying smashed as opposed to mashed is because I leave the skins on instead of taking the unnecessary added time to peal these babies. Plus I just think smashed just sounds more fun! Don’t you? Now this recipe is just what was easiest/tastiest for ME…I say this any time I share a recipe with others: MAKE IT YOUR OWN! if you don’t like an ingredient I used- switch it out for something YOU like….


Ingredients: Bag of baby, red skin potatoes, GARLIC (lots of it) – you can use fresh chopped, canned, powdered -whatever is easiest for you, dried Italian herbs -parsley/oregano/whatever you have on hand, red pepper flakes (amount depends on how much heat you can handle!) handful of parmesan -shredded/flakes/whatever you prefer, handful of mozzarella, 1/2 cup of milk (or more if it needs it) as long as it gets creamy and flavorful- measurements never need to be exact! If you want to add a little butter you are welcome to but remember I like to keep it as simple as possible. but if you are more of a Paula then go with her method “mo butta make it mo betta

*TIP: remember cheese is SALTY, whenever I am cooking with parmesan I do not add salt. I do not need the extra sodium….but if you like food salty- Salt it up, baby!

WASH THE TATERS….those things grow in the ground = DIRT….ewww!

Get a big pot of boiling water going (yes you can add salt to the water but keep that in mind while seasoning the mash)

Throw the taters in the boiling water, make sure they are covered with water

Boil for 15-25 minutes, use fork to test the potatoes, if the fork goes through easily then they can come off the heat.

Place a towel or heating pad down on the counter.

Now you have the choice…we can make this difficult or you can make it simple (I would go with simple but it is up to you)

I keep those taters in the pot but you are welcome to transfer them to a mixer if you prefer (but keep in mind you are adding more dirty dishes to the pile)

pour out/drain water

Begin to mash the taters (you can use a fork or if you’re fancy like me you have one of those handy dandy tater mashers…

add milk and seasonings. once you have the right amount and it is nice and flavorful then you can add your CHEESE

make sure all the potatoes have been mashed. Once they are finished they should be creamy, cheesy, have specks of green and red (great side dish for Christmas)

THIS MAKES A LOT OF TATERS…..so remember to plan on having leftovers or plan on serving a large crowd!


*Kiddo TIP: sometimes I do this with Mr. Seth since he is so picky….In the food processor I throw in whatever veggies I have on hand (peas, spinach, onions….anything) blend all the health factors up into a paste, now sneak it in to the mash. When adding this component you may need to add more milk/cheese or seasonings to cover your tracks. This is a great way to get the kids/or husband to eat more healthy foods without hearing complaints. Just remember to COVER YOUR TRACKS 😉




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