Child Hearing Protection

Last Thursday I went to support my cousin at his varsity football game…we all know the drill “MAKE SOME NOISE!” “GO FIGHT WIN” “WOOOOHOOOO”, cheering, screaming, loud horns, and megaphones. I am all about the team spirit and I know the boys on the field like to know that their fans are pumped up….however I was quite upset to see the amount of babies and small children in the crowd, being surrounded by all these loud noises…Hearing is a critical part of growth for children. It is part of social, emotional and cognitive development for these little guys. The longer a child is exposed to high intensity volume the more likely a hearing problem will occur. One out of six children have experienced hearing loss. Noise induced hearing loss is a problem, people!! If our young ones are exposed long enough, the sound will kill the hair cells which will lesson their hearing which is PERMANENT and IRREVERSIBILE….however it is PREVENTABLE. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 5.2 million American children have suffered from permanent hearing loss due to exposure of loud noises. Certain things that attribute to hearing loss in children: MP3 players/other music players/headphones, sporting events, power tools (being around them), concerts, certain motor vehicles. You can read more about the facts of child hearing loss and prevention here



Moggies Earmuffs is a family owned company specializing in child hearing protection. They have provided child-size earmuffs since 2010. Their earmuffs are affordable and super stylish. I know your kiddo will not only love them but also benefit from wearing them.

Check out their site

You can view their store as well.



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