Halloween Candy Cake

Too much candy on your hands? Want to make an easy party centerpiece? Need a prize to give away for a costume competition? This cute cake was so fun to stack and easy to complete!

candycake 2You will need: LOTS OF CANDY, hot glue gun, ribbon, Styrofoam (square or rectangle), decorative ribbon, optional: spider rings or small Halloween figures. piece of card board or cookie tins/boxes

The object of this was to create a cake-style stack….I started out with a square that I cut from a card board box, I have also seen people using cookie tins to make a round cake. The style I was going for was candy, candy, candy. I had so much candy to get rid of so I just kept stacking candy on top of candy. I started with layers of little NERDS boxes, then made patterns with the other candies, staying consistent with which candy I was using for each row. I made a wall around the middle of the cake so that there was room to fill the inside with even more candy.


I stuck different suckers into the Styrofoam and glued that in the middle of the cake to give it a topper kind of look, then I filled the inside of the cake with all the little pieces of leftover candy. I glued Halloween ribbon around the outside of the cake to give it more POP!


Now some lucky member of the support staff at KHH will be winning this beauty!

There are so many different ways to make this candy cake…don’t forget to MAKE IT YOUR OWN 🙂


2 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Cake

    • Halloween drawing done every year at KHH!
      prize winners will have a chance to win this cake/a BIG bag of candy and other gift cards/concert tickets and all kinds of cool stuff!
      Every member of the support staff will also get one candy bag
      (too much candy was purchased…hence all the extra) haha


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