Christmas Advent Calendar DIY….yes I said Christmas

There may be some of you scrooges out there or Halloween fans that are gritting your teeth at me. I know I know, its not even Halloween yet….But some of us get bored or like to start early. This post is for when YOU ARE READY….

christmas is coming

Whenever you are ready to start doing Christmas crafts…this is a fun one to do with the hubby, or the kiddos, or even one to do by yourself. This easy advent calendar doubles as a decoration.

Materials required: poster board, scrap book paper, index cards, markers, magazines


So I made 24 index cards with Christmas themed “chores”, some examples: go ice skating, bake cookies, random act of kindness, Christmas movie marathon, make hot chocolate

I glued all the cards on the poster board and then covered them in scrapbook and construction paper. I only glued the left side of the paper so that they can be flipped up to view each days “chore”.

I also used a Christmas magazine I had to cut out some pictures and use as a cover.

When the month of December hits I will be hanging this fun calendar on the wall! Every day I will flip up the page to see what my Christmas task will be for that day. Cant wait to do all the fun activities with Mr. Seth ❤



One thought on “Christmas Advent Calendar DIY….yes I said Christmas

  1. You never cease to amaze me. With all you do you are always coming up with great ideas, whether it’s cooking, creating or giving of yourself. Reflection of GOD’s love…ilum… ( ;


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