Our Halloween Costume!

Last year was Mr. Seth and my first Halloween together. Our friend Martin had an awesome costume party and the three of us went as Star Wars characters. This was a totally DIY version of the set of costumes. Here is the two Ewoks and Han Solo


For the two Ewok costumes, my best DIY partner, Brandi helped me put together the head pieces which consisted of: two forest green pillow cases, the hands and feet cut off a poor, helpless teddy bear. We cut the face holes and then sewed the ears on top. We wore plain brown shirts. My grandmother made a fur skirt and a purse to match, as well as four fur wraps for my wrists and ankles. I wore plain brown Uggs. I also had a faux fur scarf thing that I attached a string to make a banner for Seth to wear. We had left over leather string so I tied those on our arms to give it a foresty effect.

Han solo wore a tan long sleeve undershirt, black pants and shoes, an awesome black vest and cool belt, and a fake gun!

Most everything was purchased at Good Will

I think we made an awesome team 🙂

371 372


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