Do’s, Dont’s, Pros, Cons, all things Pacifier!


Passy, hushie, binky, papa, sucky, mute button, whatever you may call it- if you call it anything, you know that there is some questions behind this thing. I want to cover a few different topics and questions that may be asked about using a pacifier with your baby. If you have a child or work with children you may want to be clued in on more than just what to call it.


  • good distraction for doctors visits/shots
  • may help ears pop on airplane
  • ease discomfort (teething)
  • helps baby to fall asleep
  • may decrease chance of SIDS


  • Could interfere with breast feeding/nipple confusion
  • if used to stop tears- the real reason for tears may be ignored (full diaper/hungry…)
  • may cause dental problems later on
  • could create a dependence problem


  • wait until nursing habits have been established
  • keep it clean/sanitized
  • chose dishwasher safe brand
  • check for cracks/dirt/mold


  • put honey/sugar/sweet substances on it
  • always resort to as “mute button”
  • use instead of nursing
  • tie around neck

When to take pacifier away:

  • Sooner than later
  • ages 6 months – 2 years
  • if they don’t want it
  • may start at 6 months (when risk of SIDS drops)
  • if it becomes a problem/dependence

How to take pacifier away:

  • Give it to “binky fairy” for a reward
  • Slowly cut the tip off, eventually there will be nothing left on the rubber end
  • “lose” it
  • apply vinegar/bad taste to it “the older you are, the more yucky it tastes”
  • “only babies need pacifiers, are you a baby?”
  • if used for comfort, try alternatives- soothing music, rocking, swaddling, massage
  • replace/trade for toy or blanket
  • limit use/wean…use only for sleep


I hope this was helpful for future parents and current parents or anyone working with babies or children having a passy problem. There is so much more information out there on this topic. Just remember to do your research before making any decisions. and whatever method you decide to use- BE CONSISTENT. Don’t confuse your children.




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