DIY Birdfeeder for the Kiddos!

This was such a fun day….


Back when I was a nanny I loved bringing fun crafts for me and the kiddos to do during the summer when we had all day to hang out. This was super easy to do and made for a great afternoon of lounging in the back yard and watching the birds come eat off our little feeders!

Materials needed: toilet paper or paper towel rolls, peanut butter, bird seed (can substitute with oats), scissors, paper plates and ribbon or yarn

First I cut a small hole in the tops of the rolls. I melted some of the peanut butter on a paper plate so it was easier to spread. On another paper plate I spread out the bird seed. We dipped our rolls in the peanut butter, then in the bird seed. I stood them up on the table and let the peanut butter dry for a little bit. I tied ribbon through the holes to make a hanger like a necklace. We found some nails in the wall around the porch. I let the kids stand on my shoulders so they could hang their own feeders. From there it was relaxing bird watching!



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