Easy Personalized IPhone Case

So I have a little bit of a problem…I am picky about Iphone cases. I also like to change them out once a week. I know I know its a bit ridiculous, go ahead and judge me, I wont be mad.


This is an easy way for me to feed my addiction, and it is fun because I can make a case that is personalized and no one else will have a case like it. My next case I will make will be a picture of Mr. Seth and I ❤

Okay so how I made this case:

I used scrapbook paper and traced my phone then cut that out. I purchased an awesome clear iphone case from Fashion Chimp. I placed the scrap in the clear case then put my phone inside. So cute!


Of course my critic Mr. Seth had to point out that I forgot to cut a hole for the camera….duh Sara. So I fixed that. And now I have a cute fall themed photo case!!



Guys….this project is so easy to make it your own

You can use any kind of paper you want. you can use blank paper and add a picture or even do a picture collage. This took me no more than 5 minutes, easy peasy, lemon squeezey.




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