My Favorite Oils for Beauty

Most of you know I have my own natural beauty regimen. By natural I mean no harsh chemicals or unknown ingredients. I love making my own products because I get a feeling of accomplishment and I feel confident about the products I am putting on and IN my skin and hair. There are so many variations to homemade beauty products. I will tell you about some of my favorite ingredients that I use so you guys can experiment at home!

oilI do use Young Living essential oils but I also use a variety of carrier oils. Some of my favorite carrier oils are :

  • jojoba
  • castor- hydrating, helps with scarring, stretch marks, acne
  • sweet almond- soothing, conditioning
  • avocado- moisturizing

I also use vegetable glycerin as a base for my liquid soaps and witch hazel in my toners. Witch hazel fights against bacteria so it may be helpful for those of you struggling with acne problems.

Some of my favorite essential oils to use are :

  • lemon- acne, pore reduction, cleansing
  • lavender- scarring, stretch marks, regenerates skin cells
  • patchouli- cell growth, eczema, psoriasis
  • tea tree- oil production, acne
  • cedarwood- moisturizing
  • lemongrass- oil production, cleansing, pore reduction
  • orange- oil production, wrinkles, toner
  • peppermint- cleansing, tingly
  • rosemary- cleansing

I hope looking at these ingredients will inspire you to create some great beauty products. Make it your own!



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