Young Living Essential Oil Series (Part 1 – Blends)

As most of you know I am a Young Living distributor. I have been using the oils throughout my daily routines. I remember when I first started using essential oils; I was clueless. Wait you put this where? I can do what with it? It does all of that? It helps with that too? It was made from what?

I had so many questions…I am hoping that by hosting this series of posts I will inform newbies and skeptics as well as answer questions you may be wondering about. I am also learning a lot myself!

For part one I will be highlighting my three favorite blends: Stress Away, Citrus Fresh and PanAway

Part two will be for my favorite essential oil singles.

My dear friend, up line and (potential), future sister in law Jenna told me when I first got started with Young Living, “The oils don’t have voices–we are the voices…the oils sell themselves but when we share we give the oils a voice”

I am hoping to be the voice of Stress Away, Citrus Fresh and PanAway during this series.


One of my favorite things about essential oils is how diverse they are! One oil alone can help with 10 different ailments or household needs!

Lets talk basics for a minute:

  • Essential oils come from plants
  • they are aromatic, volatile liquids
  • usually extracted through steam distillation
  • when extracted properly they contain therapeutic value
  • many different ways to use them such as diffusing, topical, massage, direct inhalation, some are even ingestible


Stay tuned for this weeks informative post on Stress Away!



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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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