Young Living Blends Breakdown- Stress Away Essential Oil

Today I am going to be the voice of Stress Away! It is one of my favorite essential oil blends by Young Living. I am going to break down all of the important information YOU need to know about this oil. Here we go!



  • Lime (Citrus lime/aurantifolia) -stimulating -clarity
  • Copaiba (Copaifer reticulata/langsdorfi) -digestion aid -soothing
  • Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) -smells refreshing
  • Ocotea (Ocotea quixos) –cleansing -purifying
  • Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) -adaptogen, assists body imbalances
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) -balance -mental focus


Use for:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • focus
  • headache
  • confidence
  • mood swings
  • sleep trouble
  • nerves
  • tension
  • relaxation
  • peace and tranquility


How to use:

  • Neat (no dilution required)
  • as a perfume (my favorite way) -I use the roller ball for that on my wrists
  • apply to wrists, forehead, back of neck, bottom of feet
  • apply to temples to help with headache
  • a couple drops in your water
  • diffuse for a calming environment
  • NOT intended for children under the age of 6


Available in:

15 Ml bottle

10 Ml Roll-on bottle

5 Ml Included in the Premium Starter kit….get yours today!!


This is one of my favorite blends and I strongly recommend it for mothers, fathers, teachers, young adults and anybody who deals with people, work, children and stressors alike. HAH!

There are many different ways to purchase this incredible (therapist in a bottle as I call it) oil. You can purchase it directly from Young Living by checking out their website

You can become a member and distributor, like me 🙂 (best option out there of course) with that choice you will get a discount on all future purchases and have a chance to be part of the Essential Rewards program where you can get points for free oils! Click here to start your journey today! And for those skeptics or busy bees out there, you do NOT have to sell oils to be part of Young Living, you are more than welcome to simply enjoy the oils and products for yourself (and still get the discount/wholesale price). Yes I said products, Young Living is more than just essential oils.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks series post about Stress Away. If you have any questions PLEASE ask…comment down below or shoot me an email.

Have a blessed day, happy oiling!



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Sara Morrison 2255281




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