Easy Personalized IPhone Case

So I have a little bit of a problem…I am picky about Iphone cases. I also like to change them out once a week. I know I know its a bit ridiculous, go ahead and judge me, I wont be mad.

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Caprese Salad Topped Avocado…super easy side dish!

We are trying to add some more healthy foods to our diet…sometimes it feels like the only thing we ever eat is pizza. Which we love to do…but I have been feeling like I need to get my act together and start watching what I put in my body….Also, I have kind of forgotten what it feels like to fit into my pants lol

We LOVE cheese…and it loves us…I know it loves my thighs. Cheese is a bit of a problem for the inner parts of my digestion system. putting it boldly: it constipates me….so whenever I eat cheese I like to pair it with something that can balance me out a bit. Avocados and tomatoes are great for digestion, as well as olive oil (not to mention I threw a little bit of extra fiber in the meatballs I paired with this)

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Easy Beach Wave/Messy Hair

Wavy Hair Spray Recipe:

Spray Bottle (I reuse mine), table spoon of coconut oil, table spoon of salt, couple drops of tea tree oil, tea spoon of almond oil and fill the rest with hot water. now shake it shake it shake it

I have seen some recipes use rubbing alcohol in the hair spray however I did not have any on hand. if you are going to use that then I would do some research on other hair spray recipes.